Mano’Coach’s method

ManoCoach's method is based on associating sport and a balanced dietI chose to share with you my passion for sport combined with a balanced diet in order to help you reach your goals, with a guideline: the daily feeling of well-being.

My method, partly developed at the Spa of the luxury hotel « L’Apogée » with an international clientele will help you in the success of your project: weight loss, fitness, strenghtening and physical preparation.

My advices and programs are adapted to your morphology, abilities, habits and demands.

Physical activities inspired by my practices :

  • Pilates method : based on strenghtening postural muscles and rebalancing muscle groups.
  • Yoga : the best exercises to flex your body, to tonify and re-define it. It’s also your selected ally to face stress and recover an inner restfulness.
  • Circuit-training : Dynamic, it associates cardio-vascular exercises and muscle strenghtening.
  • Stretching and Limbering-up : A must to relax and to regenerate your body.
  • Outdoor activities : walking, biking or running… to continue your cardio-vascular work while contemplating the beauty of nature.
  • Aqua-training : Walking, biking, or running, my courses are suited to fit your needs. A perfect activity with no risk of strains, ideal to regenerate and perfect to re-define your body.

« My method is to combine sport and a balanced healthy diet ! »

A balanced diet :

fruitsIt respects the most important physiologic principles. It aims at compensating expenditures and stabilizing a body composition while being compatible with a long term physical and mental health.

To help you find your balance, meals must be diverses and all categories of food represented. Click on this link (the dietary pyramid) to have a better idea of your needs

A balanced diet is achieved :

  • daily with 3 meals and a snack.
  • Weekly.
  • based on the composition of each meals.
  • based on the balance between each meals.

5 means to reach it :

  • 1/ Cover all your energetic needs without excess.
  • 2/ Keep a good balance between macronutriments.
  • 3/ Cover all your needs in micronutriments.
  • 4/ Favor micro-nutritional density
  • 5/ Eat 3 structured meals each days.

Macronutriments :

Total daily energetical inputs are comprised between 12 and 15% of proteins, 30 to 55% of lipids and 50 to 55% of glucids.

To complement these recommendations, it is advised to :

  • Limit the comsumption of simple glucids and saturated fat (cream, butter, pastries, fried things, cheese…)
  • Varied the sources of lipids : Eat different kinds of oil (Colza, grape seeds, olive…) and to consume fish twice a week (one being fat fish)

Micronutriments :

These needs (vitamins, minerals, oligo elements, amino acid, saturated fat and fibres) are met with a diversified and nutritious diet under normal conditions.

Supplements can be useful in specific physiological or pathological situations. (pregnant women, malabsorption…)

Contact us for more information concerning your diet, a team of nutritionists is here to help you.