Preventing ageing : the antioxidants

Fruit and vegetables are the leaders.

They are our best allies for fitness and youth.

In terms of action, antioxidants are our defence system against the free radicals potentially toxic for our body.


Origin of the free radicals:  » oxidative stress « 

The consumption of the oxygen inhaled every day oxidizes us, ages us. To protect itself, our body needs « rust inhibitor » antioxidant conscripts.

They can result from an exogenous spring : tobacco consumption, sun exposure (UV), ionized radiation, pollution, ozone, consumptions of fried and grilled food.

This imbalance can also have an endogenous cause: intense physical activity, inflammatory states, viral and bacterial infections, immune deficits.



– a denaturation of proteins responsible for the cellular ageing.

– a degeneration of the cells of the visible skin : appearance of wrinkles.

– hurts at the level of nucleic acids (ARN): first stage of the birth of a cancer.


Then do not hesitate to put of the color in your plate.



Which antioxidant choose ?


Vitamin E Seeds and oleaginous fruits, 1st oil cold pressure, fruits and vegetables
Vitamin C Fruits and vegetables. Strawberries, blackcurrant, kiwi, broccoli, parsley
The carotenoids Fruits and vegetables of yellow, orange and red color
The polyphenols Apples, potatoes, broccoli, cabbages, spinach, green beans, in the skin of fruits, fruits, red berries and blue (blueberry, blackberry), the red wine, the green tea
The zinc Dried vegetables, seafoods, brewer’s yeast
The selenium Produced by the sea, the giblets, the oilseeds