My tools

The Pilates Method :

its interest :

This method relies on the strenghtening of the floor pelvic muscles.

It aims at balancing different muscles groups, realigns the posture and enables to stand naturally and balanced.

its guideline :

La methode pilate, pour le renforcement des muscles posturaux profonds.

The series of slow and controlled exercices are based on eight principles of the method:

  • Concentration : Your muscles react better if your attention is kept on your movements.
  • Centering : We seek at flatening the belly to stimulate the abs.
  • Breathing : Deep, controlled, diaphragmatic breathing activates blood circulation and awakens cells and muscles.
  • Alignment : From head to toes, the Pilates  Method stresses good posture and awareness of the placement of all parts of your body.
  • Precision : Executing one exercise with deliberate exactitude is more important than completing more repetitions with sloppier form.
  • Flow : Continuous, smooth and elegant movement as you transition from one pose to another will bring strength and stamina according to this principle.
  • Movement control : Breath, control, mindfulness, centering, alignment and precision unite as the many groups of muscles work together to support and govern movement.
  • Frequency : You will gain in efficiency by practicing on a regular basis.

Who ?

The Pilates Method is made for everyone thanks to its important diversity of exercises.

  • From recreational to elite athletes: A regular physical activity leads to an unbalanced body. Pilates rebalances your posture and prevents against injury.
  • Over 50s: The Pilates method improves breathing, blood ciculation, balance and flexibilty. Daily tasks are made easier.
  • Pregnant women : The center of mass moves with the growth of the baby. The exercises enable pregnant women to correct their posture while caring after the growth of the baby.
  • Post-therapy : Coming back from an injury and as soon as you start moving the injured joint, the Pilates Method is an excellent alternative for your reeducation.

« My tools : Pilates Method, Circuit Training, Yoga, Stretching and Limbering-up, Outdoor Activities and Aqua-Training. »

Yoga :

This method associates a figure work : « asanas », a breathing work : « pranayama », and an intellectual work through concentration : « dharana ».

With calm and serenity, you’ll harmonize the spirit and the body.

You will have the sensation to be yourself, to let go. At the end of the session, you will feel relaxed, invigorated.

Yoga is adapted to anybody.


Circuit Training :

Le TRX, utilisé par Romain Cavagna, Coach sportif à Courchevel.Its interest :

This technique associates muscular reinforcement and cardio-vascular workout.

Step by step, you will improve your physical health and abilities: strengh, endurance, proprioception, flexibilty, coordination and balance.

You will regain wellness and have the feeling that your body has been equally sollicitated.

its guideline :

  • An appropriate layout: Diversified, it will bring fun into the session.
  • The coach : I will guide you and choose the best sessions for you.
  • Music : Based on your preferences, it helps reaching physical and psychological well-being.

You will have only one desire: to start all over again!

Who ?

Because of its richness, circuit-training is a tool of choice for everyone:

  • For people wishing to lose weight or sculpt their body : Unlike an aerobic or cardio-vascular workout, circuit training enables to build muscle mass and reduce body fat.
  • For elite athletes, within their training programs.

Stretching and limberung-up :

Fitness et stretching à Courchevel par Romain Cavagna.Stretching and limbering-up excercices will enables you to relax and find this feeling of well-being.

It limits pain and muscle strain.

Very benefic, we all need it.

Outdoor activities :

You will practice the activity of your choice: biking, running, walking… depending on the place and weather.

Aqua-Training :

To slowly reinforce, limber-up or reeducate yourself after muscle strains, aquatic sessions will be designed based on your needs and the equipement available.