Optimize the functioning of the brain

To be in form, cheerful and to sleep, you make intellectual hormones acting on the receptors of your brain : serotonine, dopamine.

Their actions on the brain are additional. The serotonine has an action slowing down « brake », while dopamine has a revitalizing effect,  » boosters « .

These hormones are synthetized thanks to essential amino acids that are the tryptophane for the serotonine and the tyrosine for the dopamine.

consuming rich food in tryptophane and tyrosine favors a state of prosperity, regulates the appetite and stimulates our metabolism.


-Act on « boosters »

 » To begin any action or execute a project you need desire thus for tyrosine « .

« Bring tyrosine in your plate »

The rich food in tyrosine are the following food : almonds, bananas, lawyers, dairy products, beans, seeds of pumpkin and sesame.


-Act on « brakes »

« The serotonine is directly connected to our state of well-being. It influences in a positive way the behavior, humor and  sleep. It’s simple : the less we produce it, the more we depress.  »

« Bring tryptophane to your plate »


The rich food in tryptophane are foods with  proteins : meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs, dried fruits (cashew nut), soya, liver, chickpeas and its dough ( houmous ), whole rice, brewer’s yeast, banana, chocolate.


Advice: To help the tryptophane to enter in a slow and regular way in the brain, to opt for food with a small index glycemiques like lenses, quinoa, beans and not excess to cook foods.