Optimize the functioning of the brain

To be in form, cheerful and to sleep, you make intellectual hormones acting on the receptors of your brain : serotonine, dopamine.

Their actions on the brain are additional. The serotonine has an action slowing down « brake », while dopamine has a revitalizing effect,  » boosters « .

These hormones are synthetized thanks to essential amino acids that are the tryptophane for the serotonine and the tyrosine for the dopamine.

consuming rich food in tryptophane and tyrosine favors a state of prosperity, regulates the appetite and stimulates our metabolism.

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Find a cellular harmony


The acido-basic balance


The balance of the internal environment of our body depends on drinks and on food which we consume.

Food containing some chlorine, some sulfur and some phosphor harmonizes in the hydrogen to give acids.

On the other hand, from minerals like potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium our body can make basic substances.


This balance acid-base(-basis) is fundamental to remain healthy.


However, in our modern civilization, the trend is in the acidification : consumption of meat, manufactured foods and of sweet and salty food.

If you Add  to this the stress, overworking, the lack of sleep and physical activity, all theseelements will increase the acidification of the body.


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Preventing ageing : the antioxidants

Fruit and vegetables are the leaders.

They are our best allies for fitness and youth.

In terms of action, antioxidants are our defence system against the free radicals potentially toxic for our body.


Origin of the free radicals:  » oxidative stress « 

The consumption of the oxygen inhaled every day oxidizes us, ages us. To protect itself, our body needs « rust inhibitor » antioxidant conscripts.

They can result from an exogenous spring : tobacco consumption, sun exposure (UV), ionized radiation, pollution, ozone, consumptions of fried and grilled food.

This imbalance can also have an endogenous cause: intense physical activity, inflammatory states, viral and bacterial infections, immune deficits.

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Healing the digestive system.

The internal layers of our bowels is called microbiote.It’s the zone of exchange between the food we eat and our cells. Its state facilitates or not the ingestion of nutriments.

The microbiote must remain imperméable to the inflammatory macromolecules. However, micronutriments have to cross the barrier of the bowel to be ingested

The misabsorption of these key nutriments is often bound to the tiredness, to the stress and to the unconvenient food.

To repair this microbiote, we can adopt temporarily the Seignalet diet.

It will help you to recover your health.

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