Healing the digestive system.

The internal layers of our bowels is called microbiote.It’s the zone of exchange between the food we eat and our cells. Its state facilitates or not the ingestion of nutriments.

The microbiote must remain imperméable to the inflammatory macromolecules. However, micronutriments have to cross the barrier of the bowel to be ingested

The misabsorption of these key nutriments is often bound to the tiredness, to the stress and to the unconvenient food.

To repair this microbiote, we can adopt temporarily the Seignalet diet.

It will help you to recover your health.


The Seignalet diet in a few words

The forbidden food:

-The wheat and its by-products : bread, pizza, semolina, flour, croissants and similar products, toasts,  bread… (because they contain gluten)

-Other cereals : rye, barley, corn and its by-products (corn flakes, cornstarch…), oat… with the exception of rice, of buckwheat and of small spelt.

-All the animal milk and their by-products : butter, cheese, cream, yoghurts, ice cream.

-The refined white salt, the refined oil.

-The refined white sugar,  jam, margarine, tinned food, beer (contains barley).


The disadvised food:

-Cooked delicatessen (pastas, chitterlings sausage, boiled ham, cooked sausage )

-over cooked meat, liver, kidneys, too many cooked eggs, overcooked fish, cooked oil, grilled or cooked oleaginous plants.


The authorized food:

-Raw meat or underdone meat (blue)

-Raw delicatessen (cured ham, sausage, salami, chorizo)

-Eggs undercooked(in the hull, a runny omelette)

-Raw fish (carpaccio) or steamed soft

-Shellfish, seafood

-Green or dry vegetables steamed, raw vegetables

-Fresh fruit, dried and oleaginous fruits, honey

-Soya (milk, yoghurt), complete salt, complete sugar

-Oil 1st cold pressure

-Rice, buckwheat, young-spelt

-Dark chocolate

-Seeds germinated authorized cereal and legumes

-Smoked food (meats, fishes) in moderation

-Soft drinks

-Coffee, tea and moderately alcoholized drinks