Find a cellular harmony


The acido-basic balance


The balance of the internal environment of our body depends on drinks and on food which we consume.

Food containing some chlorine, some sulfur and some phosphor harmonizes in the hydrogen to give acids.

On the other hand, from minerals like potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium our body can make basic substances.


This balance acid-base(-basis) is fundamental to remain healthy.


However, in our modern civilization, the trend is in the acidification : consumption of meat, manufactured foods and of sweet and salty food.

If you Add  to this the stress, overworking, the lack of sleep and physical activity, all theseelements will increase the acidification of the body.



Acting for alcalinize our body


Three recommendations:

1. Balance your food: add fruit and vegetables.

2. Drink  water rich in bicarbonate of calcium. These bicarbonates are anti-acid. Our body must have  enough,water otherwise it draws from our osseous capital, our cartilages and our teeth for the rebalancing : appearance of caries, degenerative osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

3. Practise a regular physical activity to reduce the acid in our body. The lung ventilation increases the elimination of acids.



Acidifiants foods Faintly acidifiants foods Alkalanized foods
Meat White cheese Potatoes
Poultry Food with whole wheat flour The raw or cooked green vegetables
Delicatessen Walnuts Vegetables colored except the sorrel, the rhubarb, the asparagus, the onions, the artichokes, the Brussels sprouts and the leeks.
Juice and meat extracts The fruits and vegetables juice
Fish The corn
Seafoods Legumes, dried vegetables
Eggs The liquid or powder milk, the drained cheese fresh, the cream and butter
Cheese and milk food Bananas

Fat body animals (tallow, lard) Almonds

Refined vegetable oil, hardened fats Sweet chestnuts

Products with white flour, oat flakes Ripe or dry fruits: dates, grapes, apples, apricots, melon, dates, figs, pineapple, oranges, lemon …

The white sugar Alkaline mineral waters (célestin, St Yorre)

Sweets (syrup, candies, cake stores, chocolate) Drinks in almonds, lemon juiceThe sweet industrial drinks (coca cola, orangina) The soya and its by-products

Oleaginous plants such as hazelnuts, pistachio nuts and peanuts Aromatic herbsThe coffee, the tea, the cocoa, the wine




The Omega 3


This fat acid, our body absolutely needs it because he cannot produce it.

Associated in omega 6, the omega 3 are at the origin of the production of prostaglandines : agent of road marking which adjusts most of the big physiological functions. The Omega 3 represent a third of the intellectual structures, it means that a third of our brain and our retina divert directly from them. We look and think with of omega 3.

Omega 3 give us of the strength, the enjoyment and the will.

So, omega 3 participate in the reproduction of the species, as fat acid essential to the production of sperm cells.



The balance oméga-3 / oméga-6 is widely inferior to oméga-6, because our food often rich in meat, eggs, sunflower oil and groundnut contains many of oméga-6. Consequently, we do not consume enough  oméga-3.



Some advice to optimize your ration oméga-3


-Consume some fish, seafoods.

-Cook and flavor your courses rather with the oil of colza.

-Use the linseed oil.

-Introduce traditional vegetable sources in your ration : salad, lucerne, féverole.